Monday, June 8, 2015

The Socorro Flying Saucer - Photo/Model

Now this is interesting: one of the people I met at the Ohio MUFON gig this past weekend was one of MUFON Ohio's investigators, Rob Mercer.

Rob has acquired a massive collection (and I do mean massive) of ORIGINAL Air Force Project Blue Book files and had them on display at the conference.

Rob very generously gave me a photo from the collection.

It clearly shows a model display of the famous Socorro, New Mexico UFO landing case of 1964 - complete with models of the UFO, 2 small aliens, and police officer Lonnie Zamora hauling ass away from the UFO and his car.

Does anyone have any idea if the model was made by the Air Force, or was it for a UFO convention display (or similar)?

Maybe the Air Force thought it was a cool display and decided to photograph it for their files?

Anyone got answers?

My guess is a display created for a UFO gig or a UFO museum, but even so, the background suggests it must have been a significantly big display. 


  1. Having been to the site and studied the case files, the model/drawing is unrealistic in its depictions of distances and terrain. The arroyo is very shallow, not deep as depicted, Zamora was much closer with car and person (within 50 ft), not hundreds of feet away, and the terrain is very flat, open desert, not surrounded by cliffs and boulders (nearest mountains being 2 miles away to the west, the direction in which the object departed). Also Zamora was running away AFTER the object "blasted" off and the two beings were no longer visible. To see what Zamora really saw:

  2. There were 9 total of those photos. As you can see from the mark of the paper clip up close, they were all clipped together along with stack of photos from the scene. I asked the former officer that I got them from, he wasn't sure where they came from.

  3. It's like a composite, showing roughly Zamora's viewpoint when he first viewed the beings from a distance of about 850 away on top of arroyo, mixed with Zamora running away when he was very close, nearly level, and object taking off, maybe 60 feet from where he parked the car. Terrain is still very unrealistic. There are no large boulders and cliffs as depicted in picture.

    1. I showed the mock up to Ray Stanford, he too said it was inaccurate. The case proceeded the officer who gave me the photos. He said that part was put together by David Moody. There were 2 negatives of it, and also about a dozen pictures that were taken the day after.