Friday, June 19, 2015

Two More Mysterious Universe Articles...

And two more new Mysterious Universe articles from me, on totally different topics:

1. When the BBC banned the bomb;


2. Infrasound and Bigfoot.


  1. Nick, I know that you must field many emailed inquiries -- perhaps more than you can handle. Still, you might receive some interesting information if you could provide a way to contact you that does not involve Facebook.

    Personally, I despise Facebook and absolutely refuse to use it. One cannot write to someone using Facebook's email system without signing up for an account -- and one cannot get an account without providing a cell phone number, which allows one to be tracked at all times. Perhaps YOU feel comfortable with that invasive system, but I do not.

  2. You can also find me on Twitter. Or, to be completely sure, you can send a letter to me c/o the companies that publish my books, such as Visible Ink Press or New Page Books. Both will fwd mail to authors.

  3. Great article! Watkins is truly a great filmmaker. Love The War Game and Punishment Park, too!