Thursday, July 16, 2015

Men In Black Weirdness

Well, this is a bit weird...

I was just finalizing the Word document of my new Men in Black book, to finish up the edit before it goes to publication when, at that very moment, I heard a bang from one of my rooms, so I checked it out.

The maintenance people had been working on something on the outside of one of my exterior walls the last hour. And, the vibration of their hammering and tools had shaken a framed picture off my interior side of the wall and it had fallen to the ground and shattered the glass. 

It just happened to be a framed, old letter written by Albert Bender, the man who pretty much kicked off the whole Men in Black thing in the early 1950s. 

I know it was the vibration of the maintenance tools that caused it to fall off and shatter, but the coincidental timing of me closing the MIB file and the MIB picture falling to the ground and the glass breaking at the exact same time was, er, "interesting." 

But shit like this happens all the time LOL.


  1. Always makes you wonder, doesn't it....connection? Or coincidence?

  2. Very strange Nick :) do these types of situations happen to you all the time?

  3. Do you have one occasion that weirded you out the most?

    1. Probably some of my Chupacabra investigations on Puerto Rico, had some very weird stuff go down there!