Friday, February 19, 2016

UFOs: Getting Involved

How did I get involved in the UFO subject? Here's the answer...


  1. What a great article!! Thanks Nick for giving us fans of yours a background into why you do what you do.

  2. I've met the MIB twice , 2005,about 2009, and a WIB once in the mid 1990's. The WIB claimed she was a "government attorney" had a strict intimidating manner. She had black
    suit with dress, black shoes, no black hat, black briefcase. She was in a Mall Bookstore (Waldenbooks) shopping for ufo books,(strange)she told me she was looking for B. Steiger's Project Blue Book, last copy of which I bought day before. She followed me out of the store and talked to me briefly. I told her that "any ufologist(me) could be easily discredited by claiming they had watched too many Star Wars or Star Trek type movies", she didn't smile, and then we both separated.
    I've met about 5 different alien races since late 1950's
    starting with one group, The Elephant Skinned or Wrinkly
    Skinned Alien in about 1957-59 when I was 4-5 years old. This is the same group as per the 1973 case Hickson/Parker in Miss. Today I am retired as a hospital pharmacist with
    Pharm.D. degree after 32 years of practice. I had attended UC Berkeley as science student back in the 1970's but did not graduate there. I have NOT be involved myself that much due to these MIB approaches and subtle telepathic and verbal threats. I am a private ufo/alien researcher.

    1. ......have NOT been involved myself that much.....

  3. Thanks Mitchell. Coincidentally (or not!) I have a new book coming out soon titled "Women in Black." I have 4 or 5 cases in the book where Women in Black were encountered in bookshops and also libraries. If you want to chat more, send me a comment with your email address (which I won't of course publish at this blog) and I'll email you. Best, Nick R.

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