Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When Size Doesn't Matter

Weird but interesting!

I picked this book up the other day for a very cheap price, a 1967 edition of a paperback novel based on the 1960s UFO series, The Invaders, one of my favorite shows.

The book is titled Alien Missile Threat.

But, although it's a full-length book (249 pages), as you'll see from the photo it's not just small, but tiny - in fact, just slightly bigger than a cigarette box.

Cool but odd find!


  1. Nick, you are so lucky!! Where do you find such cool oddities? :)

  2. I guess so!! :) You know if you ever happen to come across a double copy of the oddities you find, there is a chick from Indiana, little ole me, that would love it!! :) lol

  3. Thank you sir Nick, you are too kind! ;)