Sunday, August 14, 2016

Absolute Bullshit!

This is absolute bullshit: Over at "The Anomalist," there is a link to my recent review of the "Dogman Symposium," which was held in Defiance, Ohio last weekend.

The Anomalist says:

"Nick Redfern give us his take on the conference recently held in Defiance, Ohio concerning the werewolf-like beings that are being reported in the American Midwest in The Dogman Symposium-Reviewed. Not surprisingly, he said a howling good time was had by all and the speakers were all terrific. Mr. Redfern’s review may be dead on, but it would be nice to hear the opinions of an attendee and not an actual (compensated?) speaker at the event."

The person who wrote this pile of complete crap was "MM." That's all I know of who they are.
Their comment about being "compensated" is absolute bullshit and clearly implies a biased review on my part.

For the record, no-one - at all - was paid.

Good friend Ken Gerhard put the entire event on out of his own pocket. It was an extremely brave thing for Ken to do and so we all agreed to do it without any fee at all.

In fact, me, Ken, Ken's girlfriend Jen, and Lyle Blackburn drove 18 hours in a car so that Ken wouldn't have to pay flights costs.

If "MM" had contacted me before posting that total shit, I could have told them no-one was compensated - we did it all for free, and we were totally fine about that because we all knew how much Ken had dedicated to this and put into it.

Of course, MM didn't bother to find out if we were compensated. Instead, they put the "compensated?" comment in the mind of the reader, when they should have checked in with me first. VERY shitty.

Had that person contacted me before posting that crap and the sarcastic "compensated?" comment, I could have set the record straight immediately. But they didn't. Which says a great deal about them.

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  1. Right on, Nick. Take no prisoners, take no shit. Your integrity is stone solid. Let the the hacks have their fun because clearly there is little joy in their lives, but let's save the tears for something real.