Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Do Lake Monsters Migrate?

That's the controversial question I ask in a new article at Mysterious Universe. Here's how it begins:

"Just a couple of days ago, while I was being interviewed on the radio on the subject of Cryptozoology, a caller to the show asked an interesting and controversial question: do lake-monsters migrate? Well, I can say for sure I have never been asked that question before! Personally, I have grave doubts that the many and various lake-monsters of our world are flesh-and-blood animals. I am far more inclined to go down a paranormal path. But, to stay on track with the theme of the question, although I certainly do not think that lake-monsters “migrate,” there’s no doubt that there are significant numbers of reports of such creatures seen out of the water and on the land.

"July 22, 1933 was the day that Mr. and Mrs. George Spicer had an encounter with a strange creature at Loch Ness, Scotland. It was close to 4:00 p.m. when the Spicers crossed paths something extremely weird – and, from their perspective, terrifying. As the pair drove along the road that links Foyers and Dores, Mrs. Spicer let out a loud scream. Around 600 feet ahead was a large animal which surfaced out of the bushes that dominated the roadside. At first, all that could be seen was what looked like a large trunk. As they got closer, however, the situation quickly changed. George Spicer described the animal as being hideous, an absolute affront against nature. What particularly struck Spicer – and which provoked his comments – was the way the thing moved. It did not do so like any normal animal. Rather, it lumbered across the road. in a series of odd jerks and coils; something which, for Spicer and his wife, was reminiscent of a massive worm. It was quickly lost to sight."

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