Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Roswell UFO Conspiracy - The Contents


Chapter 1: Something Crashes and a Story Breaks
Chapter 2: Whose Roswell Truth is the Real Roswell Truth?
Chapter 3:  The Whistleblowers Surface
Chapter 4: “A Very Highly Classified Experiment of the Army”
Chapter 5: Japanese Balloons, Roswell, and the FBI
Chapter 6: From Japan to the Foster Ranch
Chapter 7: When the Sunshine Turned Dark
Chapter 8: “The Planned Use of Propaganda”
Chapter 9: “They Could Have Passed For Chinese”
Chapter 10: “It Was Rumored That They Were Human Experiments”
Chapter 11: John Keel and Japanese Balloons
Chapter 12: The Air Force Comes Up With an Answer
Chapter 13: A Destruction of Files
Chapter 14: Dummies in the Desert
Chapter 15: A Man Named Corso
Chapter 16: A New Source from Down Under
Chapter 17: A Vanishing Book and Synchronistic Dates
Chapter 18: Body Snatchers: The UFO Community’s Reaction
Chapter 19: From Roswell to Loch Ness
Chapter 20: Area 51 and Soviet Mutants
Chapter 21: A Treasure-Trove of Files
Chapter 22: She “Fort” the Lore
Chapter 23: “The Victims of the Wreck”
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