Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Mother Of All UFOs? Part-1

Part-1 of a new 2-part article on what might be the mother of all UFOs...


  1. Hi Nick!

    I likely should have placed this comment in one of your posts regarding Rendlesham or Demonic connections, but wasn't sure how often you'd be notified of comments unless it was your latest, so....

    A long-time follower here who holds you in the highest of regards concerning all of your tireless work down thru the years.
    The Rendlesham incident remains a fascination of mine, even moreso as more and more tends to come out, some falling into the spurious and likely disinfo camp, other factoids with a bit more clout and staying power it seems. Your uncovering of the link between the incident itself in 1980 and the possible directive of emptying the prisons is highly disturbing and reeks of some kind of Revolution In Military Affairs-type plan I remember reading about in NEXUS magazine 1995 in a piece by Julianne McKinney.

    I would love your take on mine here if you can spare the time. I similarly posited Ray Boeche, but he never got back to me. Cheers!

  2. Hey Nick,
    This also has nothing to do w/ what this certain MU post is about, but I was wondering what you think about Ed Walters' UFO stories and photographs?

    1. Hey Tyler, I'm not at all impressed by the stories and photos!

    2. I'm not either! I somehow managed to read through his whole book a month or two ago, and the whole thing just screams of BS.