Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Project Blue Book Episode 2: "The Flatwoods Monster"

Well, I just got finished watching the second episode of the new History Channel show, Project Blue Book. The episode's title: "The Flatwoods Monster." If you know your UFO history, you'll know the story.

In the show, the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia is portrayed nothing like the Flatwoods Monster (which is just a minor issue). The people of Flatwoods, however, are presented as distrusting, gun-toting nuts ready to blast the U.S. military with lead. None of which happened.

Also, we see one of the characters jump, or pushed, out of a window to her death. I've heard of TV companies being inspired by real events, but this is getting ridiculous. 

I wonder what the good people of Flatwoods are - tonight - thinking about the townsfolk who came before them and who have been portrayed in such a trigger-happy fashion.

That's my main gripe: the show-makers seem intent on making real people look bad. See my article at Mysterious Universe, in which I explain how, in episode 1, they portrayed a WWII hero as someone who had descended into mental illness and who needed to be shot up with meds. Pure bullshit.

On the plus side, the chick on chick action is getting closer (despite a slight hiccup that set things back), so I'll have to keep watching...

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