Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Gig Update

A new addition to my gigs for this year (I've left the ones here I've already done this year because they were filmed and may be available online soon):

Utah UFO Archive (Salt Lake City, Utah) - January 5.

Alien Snowfest (Big Bear Lake, California) - January 26-27.

Paranormal Unity Fest (Dallas, Texas) - March 2.

Bayou City Paranormal Symposium (Conroe, Texas) - March 9-10.

Out of This World (Edinburg, Texas) - April 6.

South Texas Bigfoot Conference (Walker County, Texas) - April 12-13.

Ancient Mysteries Cruise (Mexico) - July 3-7.

Michigan UFO Con (Michigan) - September 20-21.

Lake Worth Monster Bash (Texas) - Oct. 26.

World UFO Forum (Brazil) - Dec. 5-8.

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