Monday, February 4, 2019

Saucer Los Angeles: UFO Clothing

On the weekend of Jan. 25-26, I spoke on the issue of the Men in Black at the annual Alien Snowfest gig at Big Bear Lake, California. Also at the event were the people behind They have a great range of clothing, such as hoodies and hats, all alien-themed. Check them out, they have a lot going on!

And here's a few examples of those hats and hoodies:


  1. Nick,

    My wife and I enjoyed meeting you briefly on the first day of Alien Snowfest. I was the bald guy who asked if you’d be at the Los Angeles convention, and we talked about the connection between Nessie and Crowley. Your presentation was one of our favorites. I visited Point Pleasant in 2010 and John Keel’s lectures are really interesting.

    She and I talked about some of your Mysterious Universe articles after the conference, in particular “UFOs-Don’t Let Them Rule Your Life” and “UFOlogy-A Dying Subject.” You seem to be more skeptical than other researchers, in a community that may have a tendency to be “so open-minded that their brains fall out.” I noticed this particularly during the Q&A when you answered a question about chemtrails. Do you consider yourself more skeptical than your peers?

    When you wrote about the obsessed 11:11 guy, it reminded me of 9/11 conspiracy researchers and others who let these ideas take over their lives. Did you take UFOlogy “too seriously” in the beginning and eventually figured out a good work-life balance, or were you always more relaxed about it?

    I’m enjoying the Area 51 book, and looking forward to the conference videos.

    Regards: Matt Johnson; Oxnard, CA

  2. Hey Matt, Thanks for this. I'm definitely skeptical on a lot of things in the paranormal field, but I don't know if my skepticism is any greater than anyone else. I think most researchers are skeptical of some things, in my case Chemtrails and my comments on the subject at the conference. Yeah, I've always been pretty much balanced when it comes to work/research. I work in the day, like most people, but I never work evenings or weekends. For me, evenings and weekends are for a good time. I would probably crack up if I did all this 24/7, so I just work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and that's it. Best, Nick