Thursday, March 5, 2020

Next Week, March 11: The Outer Realm

Should be a great show!


  1. Good morning New York Post

    My name is Cesare Valocchia, I'm 49 years old,I'm italian an I live in Rome, I'm not anyone, and I'm just a ufologist member of Cun National ufologic Center.I want apologize for my english language not to much correct first of all.
    The 27 of October 2018 took place in Rome an important National Ufologist meeting where I met Luis Elizondo as everybody knows working at AATIP program.
    Here in Rome at Cun- National Ufology Center we discussed of Nimitz encounters and the news coming from Usa government look likes a wind of awareness in recognizing Uap phenomenas starting from Luis Elizondo statements.
    I have been studying the UFO phenomenon for about 26 years, I would like to tell you that I think to have found a connection beetwen Uap and the phenomenon of the Marian apparitions are closely related.
    I'm contacting you and I beg you to dedicate me only a few moments of your time because I would like to let you know about my personal investigation.
    I deeply believe that Virgin Mary apparitions are tied to beings comings from other planets.
    I started my investigation from the apparitions of Fatima on October 13th 1917 and from the inquiry of Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada because in Fatima took place the biggest massive encounter of the mankind with a Uap.

    In an analysis that lasted the entire summer of 2017, I viewed and filtered hundreds of videos available on the you-tube channel, they are amateur videos that deal with the phenomenon of apparitions mostly centered in Medjugorje but also in other parts of the world. In these videos with a painstaking work discarding insects and birds in general, I have identified many unidentified flying objects in conjunction for example with the phenomenon of the "dancing" sun of Medjugorje or in conjunction with the processions of the faithful.
    The videos that I believe are not faked according to my analysis show something never seen before, especially if compared to the religious phenomenon.

    ​ I believe, than I can say, to own the "smoking gun" which irreversibly demonstrates that the Marian phenomenon is closely related to an extraterrestrial phenomenon and the Vatican knows it.

    This is my book on Amazon on the implications related to the ufological phenomenon and the Marian apparitions.

    Best regards
    Cesare Valocchia

  2. They do not look like interested,means do not understanding the topic.

  3. One more thing Nick, your book Final event is great ! I matched my studies with your studies 😉