Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Project Blue Book: Tonight...

Although I'm not a fan of the History Channel's show Project Blue Book, I'll have to watch tonight's episode, as it's titled "Operation Mainbrace."

My dad, as a UK Royal Air Force radar mechanic for 3 years, was involved in the radar aspects of several UFO events that occurred during Operation Mainbrace, which, in September 1952, was a real NATO operation designed to show the Russians what we could do in the event things turned bad.
My dad was involved in 3 cases during Mainbrace, and it was his decision to tell me about it that got me interested in the UFO mystery.

No doubt (and just like all the previous episodes of the show) the whole thing will be distorted to crazy amounts. I'll have to give him a call tomorrow and let him know how his colleagues and the events were portrayed LOL.

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