Thursday, October 22, 2020

"The Martians" - Three Number 1's


  1. Hi, big fan.

    Are you available for a podcast episode ?

  2. Hi, big fan.

    Are you currently available for a podcast episode ?

  3. Congratulations, Nick! You deserve it! 👍🏼

  4. Hi Nick

    Would you be interested in giving an online talk to the Edinburgh Fortean Society?


  5. Hi Nick, I just read your book The Martians, I could not put it down. I did find a mistake in your description of Mike Bara's Air Guitar Playing Cat on Mars-- it is taller than 20 feet. While meeting with Jimmy Church in Roswell, NM., he encouraged me to continue doing artistic recreations of Martian artifacts and after hearing the Mars focused Fade to Black episode with Mike Bara, I decided to replicate the Air Guitar Playing Cat in stainless steel. I reached out to Malcolm Scott for help finding the artifact in the JP2 file, and he was most helpful. Just to view the file, I had to get a professional geodetic mapping software and license from Harris Geospatial, and after about 20 minutes, I found the Martian Cat Artifact. Malcolm thought the statue was over 60 feet tall, but the software's height measurement utility consistently gave me a height of 48 feet from the tip of the cat's ear to its heel. Anyway, the artwork came out beautiful and Bara was very pleased when I handed it to him personally. In fact, he told me, "Kim, this is the nicest gift I have ever received." Stuart Harris from "The Emoluments From Mars" blog wanted to see my "Air Guitar Playing Cat" model, but said he did not want to go to Roswell for the UFO festival lol. He is such a hater, and I agree with Mike that he is just jealous. I saw his "Zero G" and other productions and they are okay, but his debunking arguments are a bit lame.