Monday, October 19, 2020

Weird questions on the Radio...


I did a pre-record radio show / interview this morning on my new book, The Martians which turned out to be more about music, and specifically about my favorite band, the Ramones. 
Then, for some odd reasons, the host asked if I had kids. I said "No, I do not have kids." They are hassles, pains in the neck, and get in the way, particularly at the weekends. 
And that's why I had a vasectomy in my early 30s (I know: too much information LOL). That way, there's zero chance of someone knocking on the door 9 months later with some screaming brat in their arms 🙂

But if I did have kids they would have to be named Johnny and Ramona. What else could it be? 🙂


  1. Ha, I had a vasectomy at about the same age for the same reasons!

  2. Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick. Did no one ever tell you? You don't have to deal with screaming brats ..... you hand them to Grandma and she'll be more than happy to deal with them! I promise, we grannies adore our grandbabies even when they're screaming. :-)

    Actually, I respect people know themselves well enough to know they don't want to be a parent and to take the appropriate steps. We all know too many people who should never have become parents.