Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My New Book: Marilyn Monroe, UFOs, Area 51 and Murder: Available in a Couple of Days


In just a couple of days from now, my new book, Diary of Secrets will be "alive."
It's a deep look into the claims that Marilyn Monroe may have been murdered for what she knew about UFOs, aliens, Area 51 and more. 
This is a story that has circulated since the 1990s. However, I have uncovered a ton of material, and to the extent that I have been able to write a full-length book on the subject. This is a big, big story!
As soon as all the Amazon info is online (which should be in a couple of days max) I'll let you know.


  1. Oooo weeeee! This is gonna be good!

  2. Nick, something I do on a regular basis (and that I would encourage others to do as well if they have the finances), is that I buy *three* copies of your books; one just a reading copy that gets underlined and highlighted and very worn over time; one I safely put aside as a future reading copy once I've completely worn-out the first one; and one I donate brand new to the local library, because they almost never buy paranormal books.

    Three of your books so far, two John A. Keel ones, and J. Nathan Couch's "Goatman" book; I've noticed they get read for free over and over again by younger people interested in these subjects. This is how I started out, reading Robert Charroux and Erick Von Daniken at the library.