Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MIB, WIB, Monster

There's a new article from me at Mysterious Universe that focuses on one of the strangest stories to have come my way while searching for the Chupacabras on Puerto Rico.

Although I have now made a number of trips to the island, and uncovered a lot of weird tales, this one (told to me and Paul Kimball of Red Star Films in 2005) is very odd.

It starts like this:

"While the term 'Men in Black' is one that pretty much everyone understands – regardless of whether or not they have an interest in the UFO issue, conspiracy-theories, or Forteana in general – what about their female counterparts, the Women in Black, or WIB? Although reports are far more scarce, they do exist and are no less intriguing than the more well-known MIB. Indeed, back in 2005, I was caught up in the investigation of one such case…

"For years, sensational and sinister stories have surfaced from the forests and lowlands of Puerto Rico that tell of a strange and lethal creature roaming the landscape by night and day, while striking overwhelming terror into the hearts of the populace – which is not at all surprising since the animal has been described as having a pair of glowing red eyes, powerful, claw style hands, razor sharp teeth, a body not unlike that a monkey, a row of vicious spikes running down the length of its back, and occasionally, and of deep relevance to this particular chapter, a pair of large and leathery bat-like wings."

And here's the complete feature.

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