Monday, December 10, 2012

Brad Steiger Reviews Monster Diary

"Nick Redfern has produced another excellent title that we will all wish to add to our Redfern Library of Monsters, Weird Creatures, and Perplexing Paths of the Paranormal. In Monster Diary Redfern takes to the road to search out 'strange and sinister creatures,' and the literary style of diary entries serves the subject matter very well.

"I always enjoy reading his take on some of the classic monsters which have haunted the British countryside for centuries. What he adds to his usual reportage of monsters of the moors is a theory that some of these entities may well be spectral memories and ghostly projections. To me, this theory makes a great deal of sense. I have always wondered just where the Brits got the notion that black panthers were terrorizing their roadways when no panthers have ever existed in Great Britain in known history. Psychic projections do make for better explanations.

"Redfern expands this thoughtful theory to extend to Bigfoot and other such creatures. Perhaps the paranormal will not be welcome in this territory by those who faithfully search the woods for signs and proofs of Old Daddy Bigfoot's actual, physical reality. After suggesting a paranormal explanation for a good many Bigfoot sightings, Redfern contends that some of those witnesses who have reported encountering Mammoths, Loch Ness-type water beasts, and saber-toothed tigers may have actually seen ghosts of these prehistoric beasts. And why not? In our Miracle series, my wife Sherry and I have recounted dozens of our correspondents' sightings of the ghostly forms of their beloved dog or cat. The mysteries of life and death may be even more mysterious than we have supposed.

"As a major Redfern fan, I definitely recommend this book as one of his best."

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