Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Ghostly Black Dogs of Cornwall

Stories of ghostly black dogs from Britain of centuries-past have long fascinated me, which is why it's very good to see a new article on this subject from good friend, Kithra.
Specifically, Kithra focuses on those blazing-eyed hounds from her native English county of Cornwall, a place rich in myth, folklore and legend.
She says:
"The local name that the Cornish have for these creatures is Dando's Dogs, or Dandy Dogs. As in many other places, it is believed that to hear them baying is a sign of imminent disaster. And, should you actually see them then you will meet a sudden death. The name itself arises from the tale of a dissolute priest called Dando, and many believe that they only appear on a Sunday.
"The story of Dando is one where he sells his soul to the Devil. As generally told Dando was a priest at the old priory church in St Germans, and he was a great sinner who enjoyed all the pleasures of life that priests weren't supposed to indulge in. This included hunting, even on a Sunday, and while doing so he continued his love of drink to the point of disregarding crops and fences as his hounds and henchmen followed him wherever the prey went. Yet he was loved by his parishioners as, being such a sinner himself, he always forgave then their own sins."

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