Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Howard Hughes & Flying Saucers

My new Mysterious Universe article is on the UFO connection to Howard (brilliant but nutty as a fruitcake) Hughes. It all starts like this...

"There can be absolutely no doubt that one of the most enigmatic, mysterious and powerful figures of the 20th century was Howard Hughes. Born on Christmas Eve in 1905, in Humble, Texas, Hughes displayed a brilliant flair for aviation and new and novel aircraft designs – to the extent that in 1932 he created the Hughes Aircraft Company, which was noted for its work in the fields of aircraft, missiles, and NASA’s space-probes.

"Despite his brilliance, Hughes was plagued by psychological conditions that blighted his life, including obsessive-compulsive disorder – something which played a major role in his descent into a definitive “reclusive eccentric” state. And then there were Hughes’ ties to the secret world of U.S. Intelligence and…the UFO phenomenon."

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