Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Praise for the Hairy Man - Review


My latest article for Mysterious Universe is a review of a new Bigfoot-themed book. It starts like this...

"Praise for the Hairy Man: The Secret Life of Bigfoot, is the new book from Andy Colvin and Jeffery Pritchett. As many readers of Mysterious Universe will know, Andy is the author of the acclaimed series, The Mothman’s Photographer (volumes 1 to 3) and both The Mothman Speaks and The Mothman Shrieks. Jeffery, meanwhile, is the brains behind The Church of Mabus radio show. As for their combined, new piece of work – the aforementioned Praise for the Hairy Man - if you’re into all-things cryptozoological and Bigfoot-themed, well, you won’t want to miss this one!

"Now, whether or not you will agree with the thoughts, ideas and conclusions of our authors (as well as the observations of the people they interview), it’s an undeniable fact that Praise for the Hairy Man is a book that deserves your attention."

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