Tuesday, February 18, 2014

UFOs & Life After Death

That's the subject of my new Mysterious Universe article, which covers such issues as the "UFO Disclosure" movement, the recycling of souls, out of body experiences, and the likelihood that the so-called "Grays" are deeply linked to the world of the afterlife...


  1. Great article. I gave up the idea of an alien technology visiting us a long time ago. Everything I have read points to a supernatural phenomena. I started looking into this after reading John Keel many years ago.

  2. Great article Nick. I have given up the idea of an alien technology visiting our planet. Whatever is going on, it has been with us from the very beginning. I particularly like the way John Keel puts it in his various books.

  3. I read Final Events for a second time last week. You don't say it. In the book, but here, in your article you say the Collins Elite worked according to their pre-existing beliefs. I think that is bang on. It has to be remembered how much more influential Christian belief was in the USA then, rthan it is now. It was a paradigm that was bound to be used as a perspective through which to understand the UFOs. It may have a decent amount of truth in it, but I would say there has been unconscious forcing by the CE of the phenomenon into their intellectual mould. I don't think they are completely wrong however...

    The one thing that nags at me from your book is the photos of dead people that were shown to Boesch. What worries me is I think B is telling true, and I think the two Phycisists were telling true. If that is right then the government are doing something dreadful and the CE are right - they will pay. Will the rest of us? Not like the experimenters will. In the Bible - I am not a Christian - it speaks about the gift of discernment. THAT is what will decide for the rest of us.