Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?

Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? is the title of the new book from J. Nathan Couch. Since I've written quite extensively about the Texas Goatman over the years, I'll definitely be getting a copy and reviewing it.

You can purchase the book at the link above, and below is the publisher's info on the book:

"Legend says that all across America, a monster lives in the darkness. It lurks on the boundaries of suburbia mere miles from our homes. Huge, foul-smelling, and murderous, it has many regional names but most people refer to the creature by a simple, straightforward name—Goatman. Some stories say Goatman is a hairy humanoid with a goat-like head that walks about on either two or four legs depending on the circumstances. Others say he’s a horned man with a furry, hooved lower-half much like creatures from Greek mythology. Of course, just about everyone says it’s all just an urban legend. Except for those who’ve came face-to-muzzle with the Goatman himself, or the families of those who’ve died while trying to encounter the monster. Join author and paranormal investigator J. Nathan Couch as he collects sightings of Goatman and all his caprine kin including the Pope Lick Monster, the Beast of Billiwhack, Sheepsquatch, the Lake Worth Monster, and a hoard of minor hooved horrors as he tries to separate fact from folklore on a journey that takes you from Wisconsin, to California, to Maryland and back again. Beware the Goatman!"