Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Texas Bigfoot Gig - Reviewed

Over at Mysterious Universe, there's a mini-review from me of this past weekend's Original Texas Bigfoot Conference (see yesterday's post at this blog for photos from the event).

You can find it here, and it begins like this:

"On Friday, September 17, I drove from my Arlington, Texas home to Jefferson, Texas, where I was due to speak the following morning at the Original Texas Bigfoot Conference. It was an event organized by Craig Woolheater (of Cryptomundo), and which saw a number of good, intriguing presentations, and a crowd of almost 200 people. And a great time was had by one and all.

"Most of the speakers rolled into town late on the Friday afternoon. As well as me, they included Lyle Blackburn (author of Lizard Man and The Beast of Boggy Creek) and Ken Gerhard (who penned Big Bird! and Encounters with Flying Humanoids). Also there were John Kirk (who wrote the excellent In the Domain of the Lake Monsters) and Rob Riggs (of In the Big Thicket)."

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