Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Werewolves: Not Transformed Humans

My latest Mysterious Universe article deals with the controversial matter of werewolves, and specifically the claim that people have the ability to physically morph into wolves - which, of course, is absolute bollocks.


  1. Historical accounts regarding shape-shifting creatures (especially werewolves) are a universal theme and are as old as time itself. Just a coincidence? Highly unlikely. It's no secret that 'Tinseltown' is quite fond of packaging truth as 'fiction' (predictive programming anyone?), after all they don't say "art imitates reality" for nothing. It was Stephen King who is quoted as saying "Fiction is the truth inside of the lie". I think he just may know a thing or two about which he speaks. No mention of Captain H.H Shott, Gilles Garnier or Peter Stumpp in an article purportedly about shape-shifting werewolves? Disappointing.

    Get up to speed on your Quantum Mechanics Nick. Nothing is 'solid', it's all illusory holographic. Atoms are the basic building blocks of everything in existence, and they have been shown to have no solidity. In a reality that is not solid, shape-shifting is totally possible:

    Through the Wormhole "What is Nothing?":

  2. For those who may be interested, I responded to Free Thinker's comment at the original link to this werewolf article at Mysterious Universe. Click on the link below the werewolf image above, and scroll down the MU article to the end and you'll see my replies to FT.