Monday, May 23, 2016

A Wave Of UFOs In 1909

That's the subject of a new article from me at Mysterious Universe, and which starts as follows...

In 1909, the U.K. was hit by a strange wave of largely night-time encounters with what many might term UFOs. Particularly hard hit by the mysterious, aerial intruders was Wales. Brett Holman, who has extensively studied this issue, says in an excellent article: “On the night of 23 March 1909, a police constable named Kettle saw a most unusual thing: ‘a strange, cigar-shaped craft passing over the city’ of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. His friends were skeptical, but his story was corroborated, to an extent, by Mr Banyard and Mrs Day, both of nearby March, who separately saw something similar two nights later. In fact, these incidents were only the prelude to a series of several dozen such sightings throughout April and especially May, mostly from East Anglia and South Wales.”

In May of the same year, the London Standard newspaper told its readers that with “few exceptions” the witnesses described seeing “a torpedo-shaped object, possessing two powerful searchlights, which comes out early at night.” May 18, 1909 was the night on which one of the most amazing encounters occurred. A Mr. C. Lethbridge was walking to his Roland Street, Cardiff home, via the 271-meter-high Caerphilly Mountain. As he did so, Lethbridge was astonished by the sight of a cigar-shaped vehicle – in excess of forty-feet in length – which was sitting on the grass, at the edge of a mountain road. In his very own words…

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