Monday, May 23, 2016

The Flying "Thing" of Boston

What might that thing have been? Good question! Here's how my new article on "it" begins...

Now and again I’ll come across a story that isn’t just bizarre, but which is beyond bizarre. What follows is without doubt one of them. It’s the very curious saga of what became known as Boston’s “Flying black giant.” Yep, we’re talking about what are termed “Flying Humanoids.” Most people with an interest in all-things Fortean have heard of Mothman, of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Then, there’s the Owlman of Cornwall, England. And let’s not forget the flying woman of Da Nang. Boston’s own equivalent, however, is far less well known. But, arguably, it’s much weirder than all of the others combined.

The affair dates back to 1765, specifically to August 14. That was the date on which the Boston Gazette and Country Journal newspaper ran an article which told the very odd, breaking story. According to the newspaper, “A black cloud-like object approximating the shape of a human body hovered over Boston and remained until Sunset, and thousands saw it. At 7pm, the cloud landed, but quickly rose again and moved South only about twenty feet off the ground – down the main street, blowing a little vapor smoke intermixed with a few rapid sparks of electric fire, till it came before the Province House.”

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