Friday, May 13, 2016

When UFO Evidence Goes "Missing"

That's the subject of another new article I have at Mysterious Universe. Here's the link, and here are the opening paragraphs:

There can be very few people within the field of UFO research who haven’t heard accounts of significant material on UFOs going “missing.” We’re talking about the likes of certain files on the Rendlesham Forest UFO event of 1980, and on the Roswell controversy of 1947. There’s also a very intriguing – but far less well-known – affair from the 1950s. It’s one that I have taken a personal interest in, but which still remains unresolved.

The late Ralph Noyes retired from the British Ministry of Defense in 1977. In an interview with UFO investigator Timothy Good, Noyes revealed that, back in the 1950s, the Royal Air Force had secured “gun-camera” footage of UFOs over the UK. The footage – seen by Noyes at the MoD in 1970, along with a dozen or so other individuals – wasn’t overly spectacular (Noyes described it as “unimpressive”). But, it certainly showed something anomalous and fast-moving. Noyes (whose account you can find in Good’s 1987 book, Above Top Secret) confirmed that he saw the footage while in the employ of the MoD, as did representatives from the Meteorological Office, the Director of Air Defense, and a number of personnel from the Air Staff. A theory was offered that the phenomenon may have been “something obscure meteorologically.”

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