Friday, November 16, 2012

Cryptids and Circuses

Over at Mysterious Universe, I have a new post up that deals with one of the regularly-trotted out theories for bizarre beasts in our midst. Namely that they're circus-escapees. We can never rule out the possibility of some escapes from circuses.

But, the sheer number makes it clear - to me, anyway - that this explanation is pretty much ongoing folklore...

And here's how I begin...

"One of the many and varied explanations put forward to try and explain away the presence in our midst of strange beasts and creatures – 'Cryptids,' as they’re known within the fields of Cryptozoology and monster-hunting – is that they’re nothing stranger than zoo-escapees. Some might say that the theory is a highly plausible one. Well, I would agree to a degree, were it not for one important and undeniable fact: such tales have been dutifully trotted out on so many occasions now that it’s abundantly clear they, themselves, are nothing more than folklore-in-the-making. Let’s take a look…"

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  1. Good post. However, it's unlikely that any large cat (lion/Tiger), or primate would escape from a zoo and survive in the UK. In most cases of animals escaping they are recaptured, darted or shot dead - take for instance the tragedy in Ohio when a man released his private zoo. The train crash theory is certainly classic folklore.