Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Final Events & Ray Boeche

Back in 2010, I wrote what was probably my most controversial book ever: Final Events. It was a book that looked into the controversy surrounding a deeply-buried think-tank-style group in the US Government that concluded not only did UFOs exist, but they were nothing less than demonic in origin.

The reason - in fact, the only reason - I learned of the group's existence was because back in 2007 I interviewed a man who met with a couple of its members, under very cloak-and-dagger circumstances, in late 1991 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

That's man's name is Ray Boeche, both an Anglican priest and a long-time researcher of the UFO phenomenon.

Although I missed it when it surfaced a week or so ago, there's a new online interview with Ray that you can find right here, and which delves deep into his research, thoughts and much more of a ufological nature.

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