Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quoting Moseley: Contactees and MIB

In the wake of the sad passing of Jim Moseley, I thought I would share with you a few notable quotes that Jim made to me on the several occasions when I interviewed him for my books.

The first one comes from my Contactees book and focuses on Jim's words (highly insightful words, I think it's fair to say) on the controversial Contactee George Adamski, which, I'm pretty sure, got close to the truth about the man who (allegedly!) met the Space Brothers.

Jim said...

“When I met him, Adamski was in his classic mode of the great guru. You could go to him at Palomar without an appointment and he would be sitting there, holding court, and talking to all the people that came in. He seemed like a pleasant sort. He couldn’t prove anything: you had the choice of believing him or not. Now, whether he was genuine or not, he did have a background with the Royal Order of Tibet. Then he wrote his science fiction story, Pioneers of Space, which turned out to be very similar to his later UFO book. I don’t think he literally believed everything he said. But I think what he said was in-line with a personal philosophy that he may very well have taken seriously."

Jim continued:

“I think with Adamski it was like this: if I say ‘I’m Jim Moseley, and I believe in world-peace, love and saving the environment,’ people won’t care. Why should they? But if I say that a spaceman called Orthon told me that we should love each other; well, that certainly gives it more meaning. I think that is one of the big things behind the Contactee movement. They believed in what they were saying; but they needed a higher authority to get it across. Like in religion, you need God. Adamski needed Orthon.”

Moving on, back in September 2010, I interviewed Jim about his views on Albert Bender’s now-legendary claims to have been visited by the Men in Black in the early 1950s.

As the interview progressed, Moseley practically shouted down the telephone to me that: “This is funny: there’s something wrong with the phone here! The longer I talk the more static I get!"

As I noted in The Real Men in Black regarding this odd case of phone interference:

"...Perhaps the souls of [Gray] Barker and [John] Keel decided to turn the tables, and duly partook in a few tricks from the other-side on Moseley. Or, maybe, the Men in Black – so oddly keen on playing disruptive games with our telephones – were engaging in a few Trickster-like shenanigans of their very own on Moseley and me. Given that Moseley is skeptical of much of the MIB lore, possibly, in their own unique way, the Tricksters were trying to tell him that he should not be quite so skeptical, after all."

Well, maybe, now, Jim finally knows the truth behind the MIB, the Contactees and all the rest!

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  1. > Like in religion, you need God. Adamski needed Orthon.

    Excellent point indeed.