Friday, November 2, 2012

Dark Night Haunting

Jen Devillier is a friend of mine who lives here in Texas and who has a book out right now that I recommend to one and all: Dark Night Haunting: The Life of a Paranormal Investigator, which is just the type of book I like, namely an in-depth, first-person study of the paranormal.
And here's the blurb for Jen's book, which will give you a good idea of its contents:
"This is a book about one woman's life and her experiences with the paranormal that led her to become a Paranormal Investigator. From beginning to end Jennifer Devillier's story is one that will explain just how normal someone with Psychic Abilities can be. If you have ever had experiences of your own that you could not explain or felt out of place because no one believed you, this book will let you know that you are not at all alone. Join Jennifer on her journey and see how one woman's life takes it's unexpected twists and turns with all the paranormal experiences that come along with it. Remember, we are NEVER alone."
And with those words I fully agree!

Jen's book is an excellent account of what it means to become immersed in the world of the unexplained and to study it, appreciate it, and follow the trail in search of amazing answers of the supernatural kind.

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  1. Thank you SO much Nick for being an amazing friend. I am SO glad you enjoy my writing and I look forward to my next book with you. :) Exciting things coming up.
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