Thursday, August 8, 2013

Conspiracies of the Dead

My latest Mysterious Universe article - Conspiracies of the Dead...

It begins like this:

"If, like me, you’re a big fan of zombie movies, and you hang out now and again with people who are into all-things of a zombie nature, you get to hear some seriously weird shit. From more than a few people who take their zombies very – as in VERY – seriously, I have heard strange tales in the last few months of supposed secret programs to mutate the rabies virus into a weapon that will, in effect, replicate in people the homicidal, cannibalistic tendencies of the dead – whether of the slow and shambling type or of the fast-running variety.

"In the 1997 movie, Conspiracy Theory, Mel Gibson’s character – a paranoid cab-driver named Jerry Fletcher, who has been the subject of strange mind-control experiments – states that a good conspiracy theory is one that can never be proved. The very same thing can be said about one of the most controversial of all the zombie-based conspiracies currently in circulation."

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