Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Monster of the Castle

"Back in the 1930s, a strange and sinister story surfaced of a diabolical beast rumored to haunt an old Irish castle. According to two ghost authorities of that long gone era, Marchioness Townshend and Maude Ffoulkes, '...the truth of this story was vouched for to Mr. Reginald Span by the Vicar of the Anglican Church, Arizona, as it happened to some friends of his when they once rented a picturesque castle in the South of Ireland.' And, with that said, read on.
"So the very weird saga goes, late one particular night, in the latter part of the 19th century, a certain 'Mrs. A' was sitting alone in one of the castle’s bedrooms, awaiting the return of her husband. Suddenly, there was the distinct and unmistakable sound of one of the doors banging in the corridor outside the room. More disturbingly, footsteps could be heard, too. Someone or something was creeping around the old castle..."
That's how my new article at New Page Books' Creature of the Month page begins... 


  1. Great article as always, Nick!! Just a thought, though: if the spacing between the paragraphs was more even, it'd be easier to read. Just a helpful hint.

  2. Huh? The spacing between the paragraphs IS even - both here and at the article at the New Page Books blog.