Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sarbacher and Saucers

Some of you who are into UFOs may know the name of Dr. Robert Sarbacher, formerly of the Research and Development Board.
He gained much attention in the 1980s with his claims of second-hand knowledge of crashed UFOs and dead alien bodies held by military authorities.
Of course, his story is as controversial now as it was when it surfaced in 1983. Well, those with an interest in the story may want to get hold of this book - a copy of which I recently bought for a very cheap price.
Its title: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Electronic and Nuclear Engineering. It's a book written by Sarbacher himself, dates from 1959, and runs to almost 1,500 pages.
Now, I know FXXX all about nuclear engineering (in fact, even less!), but since it mentions some of his colleagues and contacts, those interested in undertaking a new study of the Sarbacher claims might want to get a copy, for research purposes.

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