Friday, August 16, 2013

Spirits of the Wildmen?

Is it possible that at least some reports of so-called British "wild men" are actually the ghosts of ancient, Neolithic hunters? If it sounds controversial, that's because it is! The question is one that is posed in my latest Mysterious Universe article, which begins like this:

"As people who have read my books Man-Monkey and Wildman! will know, I have a deep fascination for stories, accounts, and legends relative to what might be termed the 'British Bigfoot.' The problem, as I note in both the above-books, is that the UK is simply not large enough to hide, or feed, entire colonies of large, marauding, ape-like creatures, or primitive, hair-covered humanoids. That people see them, and have done so for centuries, however, makes the whole matter even more mysterious.

"When it comes to trying to ascertain the true nature of the British Bigfoot and 'wild man' encounters – which is a deeply fraught and difficult task at the very best of times – the theories are as wide and varied as they are controversial and thought-provoking. But, without doubt, one of the most engaging of all scenarios to explain this undeniably nationwide, ancient conundrum comes from friend and fellow creature-seeker Neil Arnold, whose views on the matter I secured in a January 2012 interview…"

As for the complete article, it's right here...

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