Friday, May 8, 2015

Roswell Slides: An Answer?

Below is a link to a new Mysterious Universe article from me on the Roswell Slides.

Yes, it's speculative and based on a hypothesis of mine, but I think it's a valid one.

Take a careful look at the article, and particularly the old museum I mention in the article.

I think there is a good chance this is where the photos were taken.

Plus, the nature of what was held at the museum explains other things too (such as the "wolf head" in the slide) - and it's a New Mexico museum filled with oddities - and it also has a dead alien story attached to it.

And NM was an area that Bernerd Ray's work covered.

Anyway, here's the link, feel free to link to it, fwd etc.

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  1. It's a terrible time right now. This is exactly what I feared would happen. I just hope the Slides are not a mummy. If they are then this is very embarrassing.

  2. We have a wacky development.

    Nick, you offered the Million Dollar Museum as a reasonable suggestion for researchers. Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe are now keeping alive the alien ID for the Roswell slide by "disproving" the MDM location, and completely ignoring Mesa Verde, which is now the concensus location. I have only read their posts, so maybe they deal with Mesa Verde in the podcast, but their pages do not mention it.

    This is looking like a crass "bait and switch" to mollify their nutty fans.

    Strieber journal entry

    LMH post

    Strieber podcast