Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Strange Creatures Seldom Seen - Reviewed

"Strange Creatures Seldom Seen is an excellent new book from John Warms, and which is published by Chad Arment’s Coachwhip Publications. A copy of the book was given to me by Chad at last month’s Ohio-based Creature Weekend. And, I have no hesitation in saying that if Cryptozoology is your thing, you’ll want to get hold of a copy of this book.

"The book focuses chiefly, albeit not wholly exclusively, on sightings of unknown animals in the Canadian province of Manitoba – and there are plenty of those unknown animals, too. The good thing about Strange Creatures Seldom Seen is that it’s based on the author’s personal, in the field, investigations. In other words, this is not some sterile, bland, all-from-the-Internet-type book – I’m very pleased to say. Plus, it’s filled with never before seen photos and artwork, all of which, combined, make this a great read."

The above paragraphs are extracted from a new Mysterious Universe review from me on a  just-published Cryptozoology-themed book that - if you're fascinated by the issues of Bigfoot, lake-monsters, weird winged things and more - you won't want to miss.

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