Monday, May 25, 2015

The Stephenville, Texas UFO: A New Book

 Over at Mysterious Universe, you can find a new review from me of a brand new book from Ken Cherry, on the subject of the controversial and huge wave of UFO activity that hit Stephenville, Texas in January 2008. What makes Cherry's book intriguing is that it's a novel. Check it out!

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  1. If you are interested in these "triangles" (or other similar chevron shaped craft) you might consider reading David Marler's book "Triangular UFO's: Estimate of the Situation". Marler presents his version which appears to come from the "ET believers' camp" suggesting that US black-box projects cannot replicate the flight dynamics seen at Stephensville, or other cases around the country (Pheonix Lights for example).

    Like Marler, many believe the US incapable of creating (without ET intervention) such aircraft. People may do well to consider otherwise.

    A quick search of the NUFORC database for Texas will reveal that there are many sightings of "triangular" and "chevron" shaped black aircraft all over Texas skies beginning as early as 2005 (or right about 2008 during the Stephensville incident). Many sightings get reported as several balls of light flying in a "V" formation, or a red pulsating light surrounded by orbs of light.

    These are all "triangular" reconn and surveliance aircraft (spy planes) flown largely by the USAF including NSA and CIA.

    The technology does exist and it has been produced by human scientists - sounds exotic but yes "they" do have the ability to resist gravity with silent propulsion systems. I saw one of these craft as recently as 2014 and I can assure you it was not being flown by aliens. Texas is one of the USAF's major base locations and training states - many of these craft are being flown for rather basic purposes locally, and that being standard flight training operations over US cities and urban or suburban communities. On real missions, they go overseas and monitor not only our allies but nations hostile to US foreign policy. Cheers!