Monday, May 4, 2015

Tomorrow: Roswell Slides Day

For those who know, don't know, care or don't care, tomorrow is the day the so-called Roswell Slides get unveiled in Mexico.

What will it all mean?

Will we get answers?

More questions?



Somewhere in between?

My answer: dunno. Yet.

All I do know is that whatever the outcome, it all (or some of it) comes out tomorrow.

So, here are a few of the final posts that you may want to check out before the world changes.

Or doesn't...

Rich Reynolds provides us with a post that gives the thoughts of Don Schmitt and Richard Dolan on the slides...

Rich also posts on the matter of who has seen the slides and commented on what they show...

Kevin Randle comments on why the Roswell Slides may not be the Roswell Slides. Here's the link...

Kevin also notes the recent death in someone who became a central figure in the saga of the Roswell bodies: Glenn Dennis...

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