Friday, May 1, 2020

My 2020 "Things" - Depending on what happens with the virus...

So far, here's what's on for me for the rest of this year. They're the events I'll be speaking at or attending (depending on the virus) and my radio/podcast interviews.

I've listed the shows and gigs from earlier this year, as most of them are archived and available online.

Alien Snowfest: January 24-26
Aliens Revealed Live: Feb 1-2
Fouke Monster Festival: August 1
Michigan Paranormal Convention: August 28-29
Michigan UFO Contact: September 11-13
Mothman Festival: September 19-20

Radio Interviews:
Stephanie Langer Show: February 2
21st Century Radio: February 9
WBGU Dead Air: March 1
Prove Me Wrong Radio: March 10
The Outer Realm: March 11
From the Shadows - May 1
Paranormal Now - May 19
Earth Ancients Radio - May 21
Spaced Out Radio Radio - May 23
Haunted Radio Voices - May 26

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