Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Latest on Rendlesham Forest...

A couple of new news-based articles on my latest book, The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy.

Here's the first story and here's the second...


  1. Quite a stretch. Forget about radar operators that came forward recently. Exactly now, how do you dose a substance that is potent at microgram levels in an open field.
    Ridiculous theories

  2. Huh??? I never say anywhere in the book that LSD was specifically used on the guys in Rendlesham Forest. Nowhere! What I said is that a number of people I interviewed for the book said that at some point over the course of the 3 nights, one of the experiments was of an airborne, mind-bending type. And that it was run by Porton Down.

    The reason why I brought the LSD angle into the book is because people were saying there is no way that the UK government would undertake secret experiments on its own military personnel that would have an effect on them as a result of something of a hallucinogenic kind.

    I responded to this in the book by pointing out that in 1964 Porton Down ran an operation in 1964 in woods not too far from Porton Down and where guys were dosed. Military personnel from 41 Royal Marine Commando were the guinea-pigs. That was where LSD comes into the story.

    You are correct when you bring in the issue of microgram levels. But, it's pointless and irrelevant because I specifically DON'T say that LSD was used in Rendlesham. All I was doing was making parallels between the 1964 incident and the 1980 events. Both involved something that screwed with their minds. One (the 1964 event) definitely involved LSD and they were each given a small dose. In 1980 something - but not LSD - was used in 1980 and that was airborne. Both incidents in woods. The 1964 events were filmed. There are rumors that at some point there was filming of at least some of the incidents. So, again, I was making a comparison to an LSD incident from the sixties. And with that in mind, for me it makes it perfectly plausible that another mind-bending experiment might be undertaken in 1980. But, NOT LSD in 1980. Something else.

  3. As for the radar issue, here's what I say in the book (this is directly out of the book). START OF BOOK EXTRACT:

    With so much data in hand – suggesting that radar played such a significant role in this story – you might say to me: “Isn’t this proof that aliens really were flying over Suffolk in late December?” I say “No!” Why? Because, there is something that can turn everything on its collective head. It shows how the radar tapes didn’t monitor anything of a UFO kind. Just like the military personnel in Rendlesham Forest who thought they were encountering something extraterrestrial, those who were working on the radar side of things were also manipulated to accept something that wasn’t real. They were led to believe that something strange and unearthly was in the sky when, in all actuality, nothing was caught on radar. It just appeared to be the case. Yet again, things are not what they seem to be – which is just about the theme of this whole story. For the answers to the full picture of this radar issue, we have to study the secret work of S. Eugene Poteat.

    The Institute of World Politics provides background on Poteat: “S. Eugene (Gene) Poteat is a retired senior CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer, and has served as President of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). He was educated as an electrical engineer and physicist. He holds a Masters in Statecraft and National Security Affairs from IWP. His career in intelligence included work with U-2 and SR-71 class of aircraft and various space and naval reconnaissance systems…He received the CIA’s Medal of Merit and the National Reconnaissance Office’s Meritorious Civilian Award for his technological innovations.”
    One of those “technological innovations” likely played a big role in trying to convince people that aliens were in the skies of Suffolk.
    The Volume 42, No. 1, 1998 edition of Studies in Intelligence included a paper written by Poteat. Its title: “Stealth, Countermeasures, and ELINT, 1960-1975.” One particularly important and relevant part of Poteat’s paper reads like this: “I came up with a scheme to electronically generate and inject carefully calibrated false targets into the Soviet radars, deceiving them into seeing and tracking a ghost aircraft.” He continued: “…we could simulate the false target’s range and speed. Knowing the radar’s power and coverage from the PPMS [Power and Pattern Measurement Systems] projects, we could now simulate an aircraft of any radar cross section from an invisible stealth plane to one that made a large blip on Soviet radar screens [italics mine].”
    What all of this demonstrates is that the CIA, thanks to Poteat, had the ability to create false readings on radar screens – chiefly to confuse the Russians and to determine the capabilities of their radar systems. Aircraft that seemed to be tracked by the Russians didn’t even exist: it just appeared to be like that. The term “ghost aircraft” is a most appropriate one. It’s very important to realize that the technology Poteat created was in full working order decades ago – and long before the Rendlesham Forest tests occurred. END OF BOOK EXTRACT.

  4. After reading the Rendleshem forest book I am no longer convinced it was an "extraterrestrial" event. I hope more whistle blowers will come forward!

  5. Let me give you all an example of the kind of subjective 'thinking' that UFO "believers" indulge in. I'm referring to those who believe in the ET hypothesis. A few days ago here in London I saw a documentary on Amazon Prime called 'Europe's Roswell: UFO crash in Aberystwyth'. I don't want to name names so let's call the main researcher on this programme 'M.O.'. M.O. quotes a newspaper article which refers to metallic debris scattered across 4 football sized fields in a farm close to Aberystwyth in 1983. He specifically quotes the article as saying that a certain large chunk of metal had "parts of the SERIAL NUMBER on it". And yet wouldya believe it - the rest of the documentary ignores that apparent fact and portrays the debris as something mysterious and likely to be of alien origin(!) What has happened here is a spectacular example of mixing up oranges with lemons so to speak - M.O. later describes in the documentary a multiple witness nightime UFO sighting he had in a countryside area - he then assumes that therefore there may be something non-terrestrial about the Aberystwyth debris. It Is true that the RAF sent a team to pick up the debris and the forestry commission had some trees removed from the area. But that doesn't mean it was therefore an alien craft. A civilian UFO group did find pieces of debris and they are shown in the documentary. They look like some kind of advanced aircraft construction materials - Earthly aircraft that is! What is worrying is how M.O. so wanted this to be an alien craft that he ignored the early newspaper article which unambiguously referred to a "serial number" on a piece of metal. I recommend you All watch this documentary as a lesson in the human brain's tendency towards wishful thinking.

  6. It's a interesting book no question. This incident is one I've followed for many years. I would class myself as an open minded skeptic 😊
    I openly admit I'm absolutely nowhere near as versed on the subject as you Nick, but I just can't get my head around a potential experiment taking place on, or near where nuclear missiles were allegedly held. Just not worth the risk. And did we back then have the ability to project such hologram to be that convincing.
    Having said that, which is more believable, your scenario or, Aliens, or humans from the future....

  7. Finally, a clear=eyed and responsible journalist in the field of paranormal phenomenon. Keep up the excellent work!