Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy: My New Book, Available Now

Over the years, I've written a number of controversial books, but my new one (available from today) is without doubt the most controversial of all. Its title: The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy: A Close Encounter Exposed as a Top Secret Government Experiment. Here's the link:…

Here's the info on the book from the publisher, Lisa Hagan Books...

  • "The object was hovering on legs”
  • “Something being tested in the area”
  • “A world of trouble”
  • “Minds were manipulated”

In the final days of December 1980, strange encounters and bizarre incidents occurred in the heart of Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England. Based upon their personal encounters, many of the military personnel who were present at the time believed that something extraterrestrial came down in those dark woods. What if, however, there was another explanation for what happened four decades ago?
What if that explanation, if revealed, proved to be even more controversial than the theory that aliens arrived from a faraway world? The ramifications for the field of Ufology would be immense.

In his new, sensational book, Nick Redfern reveals that one of the most famous UFO cases of all time was really a series of top secret experiments using holograms, mind-control programs, deception, disinformation, conspiracies and cover-ups. The shocking truth of a forty-year-old mystery is now revealed.

Nick Redfern is the author of more than 60 books. They include Flying Saucers from the Kremlin; The Roswell UFO Conspiracy; Women in Black; Men in Black; Nessie; Chupacabra Road Trip; The Black Diary; and 365 Days of UFOs. Nick has appeared on many TV shows, including the National Geographic Channel’s Paranatural; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; and the Travel Channel’s In Search of Monsters.


  1. I live in Australia and Amazon wont deliver your book here. I have every one of your books Nick. Will you be selling it elsewhere? Can I buy a copy of you? No matter what the postage costs I want a copy. Cant wait to read it. Tony Australia

  2. Hey Tony, Unfortunately, the way it works with my publisher is that it's only available thru Amazon or (in the United States) by Barnes & Noble, and a few other online outlets in the US and UK. The best idea might be to buy the Kindle version, as that shouldn't be an issue. If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll see what the publisher can do. Best, Nick.