Thursday, May 7, 2020

"Project Blue Book" Cancelled

Good, it was rubbish!

Here's the link...


  1. Yes! I think it was hurting more than it was helping. Still, it looked like it was a successful show. I wonder if it was cancelled for the right reasons or if it was cancelled by "Them" to slow the managed disclosure. Hmmmm...

  2. I'm pretty sure that it was ratings (or, more correctly, the lack of ratings) that led to its cancellation.

  3. I won't deny I did watch the show, although it was seriously flawed. The overarching plot was hard to follow. I had a hard time understanding just what the overall motivation and position of the characters was. Not to mention the outrageously mangled stories, "based" on real cases. Considering how far they took their stories from how they were really reported, it would have shown much more integrity for the show to be completely fictionalized, i.e. with no character names even taken from real life. The fact that its a show with the main character of J. Allen Hynek--a real historical figure--but with almost zero real historical basis in any of the facts and reports of the time is highly suspicious.