Monday, September 10, 2012

Beyond the Henge

Of his new book, Beyond the Henge, Bob Trubshaw tells us:

"The Neolithic henge and stone circle at Avebury are well-known to many people. But few visitors explore the other prehistoric sites nearby in the World Heritage Site. Beyond the Henge is a guide to four different walks of between one and six miles which take in all the significant surviving archaeological sites. Three of the walks focus on the Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments while the fourth walk explores Avebury's Anglo-Saxon and medieval origins.

"Along the way Bob Trubshaw introduces ideas about the changing lifestyles and beliefs of the prehistoric people who built the monuments. The variety of such ideas currently being proposed by prehistorians are presented using a unique conversational style of writing.

"Join Bob Trubshaw and his fictional friend Simon as they set forth from the henge to its precursors on Windmill Hill and West Kennett long barrow, then to later monuments such as Silbury Hill. And afterwards visit where the pagan Anglo-Saxons celebrated their rituals – and the first evidence for Christianity in the parish."

If ancient stone-circles are your thing, not one to miss!

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