Sunday, September 2, 2012

UFOs: The Oz Files

An interesting new article detailing Australia's official response to the UFO phenomenon: files, archives, documents and FOIA...

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  1. Hi Nick, While this article is interesting from the point of view of mainstream media coverage of the official Australian "X-Files" (or "The OZ Files" as you call them), there is not much in them that is secret. This material has been documented publicly before, not the least of which has been the range of material I published between 1982 and 1984, and in my "UFO Sub Rosa" document which has been on line at various sites since 1999. The latter specifically refers to the 1983 "Operation Close Encounter." This material has been revisited as part of my chapter in the new book "UFOs and Government - a historical Inquiry" (Anomalist Books) – a book I highly recommend. Mainstream media frequently "discovers" secret government files, but the real history of their exposure is seldom revealed. Sure accessibility is improving now, but that doesn't mean this is the first time these cases and files have been aired in the public domain.
    Best regards, Bill Chalker