Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Strange Creatures Of Pennsylvania

I got this earlier this morning from creature-seeker Eric Altman:

"Good morning, Hope this finds you well.  I am writing to inquire if you would be willing to pass along any Pennsylvania strange creature, monster, or cryptozoology stories or encounters you may have been told, have had reported to, or shared with to me.  I'd like to start collecting these types of reports with hopes of putting together a book about these strange types of creatures, monsters and cryptids encountered, sighted and witnessed here in Pennsylvania.  I'd like all types, whether they are terrestrial, winged, aquatic, hominid, or whatever they may be.  I've considered writing a book on Bigfoot in Pennsylvania, however I think I'd like to start by writing a book on unusual creature encounters in Pennsylvania before I tackle a Bigfoot only book. I'll gladly accept Bigfoot reports, however I am looking for any and all types of creature reports so I can get started on this book.  Also if you already have these reports you have written about or publically published, if I may have permission to reference them or include them in the book with full credit. Thank you for your consideration. Warmest Regards."

You can reach Eric at either of the following email addresses: or

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