Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hoaxing 1 to 10

Over at EHow, I take a look at ten infamous hoaxes, some ufological, others cryptozoological, a few downright Fortean, and so on. There are, of course, many others, but when you have to keep it at ten, well, you have to keep it at ten!


  1. "In the 1980s, the two girls - by now old ladies - finally admitted the hoax. No fairies after all."

    I always thought the fairies were probably cut outs from a children's book but when people who're skint in their old age [much like that Fox sister] get paid for revealing the whole thing was a hoax that completely invalidates the claim for me.

    If they'd won the lottery and were saying "Eat sh*t bitches!" okay. But old and skint - naaahhh...

    "There was no Bigfoot. If it's any consolation to creature-seekers, the freezer was real."


    By god Redfern you might look cool (when you haven't got a poncey drink in your hand!) but does that mean you have to have a COLD HEART?

    "When Neil Armstrong made that giant leap, he really did!"

    Agreed but it's as much a belief as believing they didn't. It's not like our masters and 'betters' haven't lied to us through their teeth since the dawn of time. Besides which the scientific method's clearly based on the notion unless you verify things for yourself such accounts remain at best helpful or suggestive anecdotes.

    "the giant was nothing of the sort. It was actually the brainchild of a man named George Hull."

    So he CLAIMED.

    "Wetherell had got pranked. Unless Nessie is a hippo, of course..."

    In evolution whenever they find a hippo or a man like footprint a hundred million years too early the go-to explanation's always covergent evolution ie like causes produce like evolutionary effects.

    Nessie spends a great deal of time in water - so do hippos.

    Ipso fatso Hippo footprints!

    "Scientists excitedly expressed amazement at the incredible [á¹–iltdown] discovery...until 1953, when the whole thing collapsed".

    And yet they're now reviewing those fragments possibly because they've since found some remains many 100s of 1000s of years old only a few miles down the road in West Sussex as well as elsewhere and there's also the matter there was a great deal of political pressure to bring the British evolutionary camp in alignment with the rest of the evolutionary world which'd discarded Piltdown 30 years earlier.

  2. Alan, all well and good, except: the Piltdown jaw IS from an orangutan, regardless of what other remains may have been found.

    Nothing wrong with being cold-hearted.

    Moon-landings faked? Total bullshit.