Sunday, September 2, 2012

When Mothman Emerges

Into Mothman? Like cryptozoological fiction? If yes, then you may want to check out the new novel from Gina Ranalli: Mothman Emerged...


  1. "Nick RedfernAugust 29, 2012 10:51 AM

    Hey Spiral:
    Yeah, posting the documents is no problem. I can just scan and upload them."

    haha. Spiral = Fulllotus = Drew Hempel.

    Nick I know it will be a week but you've been very busy to track down FOIA information. haha. Yeah maybe you can just give the specific reference of (CIA, 1956) or 1959. But I suppose that would entail finding the document. I know I got rid of boxes of files I had after they were taken over by bed bugs or something. haha. That was back around 1998 so tea tree oil was the answer.

    Still considering how everyone shreds I'm amazed anyone can get any documents anyway -- can't they just destroy pretty much what ever they want? Most of MKUltra was destroyed right? So anyway...

    What's your take on Mothman as a spoof by Gray Barker or whatever. With John Keel -- it seems it undermines the whole Mothman investigation

    So did Gray Barker really take ufology as a joke and why shouldn't others as well? haha.

  2. Hey Drew:

    Yeah, I will dig out the document. The only hassle is that will be moving house soon, and literally almost everything (pretty much just bed, computer etc aside) is boxed and stored - and has been for weeks. But, as soon as I can get to them, get everything unpacked in new place etc, then I'll get them scanned. Yep, I could not tell you the exact file number without getting them un-boxed. But, they were not contained in the MK-material. They were contained in the CIA's files on a man named William Foos, who claimed psychic powers and who was investigated by CIA, FBI and others. If you Google Foos you'll find a few things. This is a very interesting file that begins in the 50s and covers some of the earliest CIA interest in remote-viewing/psychic spying, long before the 1970s.

    I dont believe - at all - that Mothman was a Barker spoof, as sightings began before Barker got involved. That doesn't mean he may have screwed around with the story for his own entertainment, but he didn't begin it.

  3. Ah wow -- thanks for the lead Nick and have fun moving! haha. I guess in the U.S. people move every five years on average but my mom met a taxi driver in Italy whose family had the same house since the 1400s or something crazy like that. haha. Sure enough -- lots of redactions by the FBI on William Foos.

    Yeah when I left UW-Madison I had been protesting U.S. imperialism and promoting environmentalism. So my friends did a FOIA and some 900 pages on a couple dozen people over a few years -- the FBI asked for the request to be rescinded since it was too much work to censor the documents. haha. Yeah then I discovered recently that in 1999 some "Cyberian Intelligence Services" did a report on 12 national suspects of ecoterrorism with me featured as a "habitual" and "multi-sector" protester. Yep I made the list of 12. haha.

    Wow "Colonel Downie" relative of Andrija Puharich says the Army is interested in testing William Foos ESP abilities. Amazing.

    Hmm must be in the CIA files on Foos -- no mention of shrooms but Foos said he did read the Bible constantly. haha. Sure enough the name of the CIA agent handling Foos is "redacted." I wonder what happened to his "blind-folded" psychic telepathy blind daughter?

    "Rumor has it he was recruited by the CIA for special operations using his unique skill set."

    Wow Nick if you do have this CIA info on Foos you should definitely post it online as a lot of people are wondering what happened to him. Yeah I'm on the last couple chapters of Pyramids and Pentagon book -- then it goes into the local library and my sister will be the first to check it out. haha.